Trade with Georgia

We are happy to announce, that Modern Business Solutions was officially added to the list of twelve consulting companies from Georgia in the trading portal of Enterprise Georgia:


Our company has been partnering with Enterprise Georgia on behalf of our clients in different projects. Together we have worked in developing manufacturing and hospitality management in Georgia.

Our Services include:

Business Consulting
Business Consulting includes managing the company under contract, preparing business plan, feasibility study report and conduct due diligence. Our team will give you business advice based on our own experience as well as international and local practices.

Financial/Legal Consulting
Our clients have access to the expertise of the team with experience in different fields, who will take care of your financial management process, contracts, will prepare monthly financial reports, give legal and financial advice.

Our experienced team will help you negotiate with banks, financial institutions, with investors. We will help you find the proper business / company to invest in. We will prepare investment opportunity reports and give our recommendations