There is a co-investment opportunity in the hygiene institution in Tbilisi. Located in the center of Tbilisi, Uznadze street, the institution conducts laboratory analysis, as well as helps other medical companies, implement different standards.
The institution has more than 50 regular customers, including major hospitals, government organizations, private companies.

The building is newly redecorated and is owned by the company.
There is an investment opportunity for creating a Medical University with Medical Nutrition Programs (Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree, Online programs). We are currently negotiating with English Universities to create international program under their name in Georgia.

There is the opportunity to create the chain of laboratories, as under European Integration requirements, by 2030, laboratory services will become obligatory and we see it as a huge business opportunity.
We are currently in the process of acquisition of a government laboratory in Adjara, that will make our institution the main player with the exclusive contracts in Georgia