Kutaisi FIZ serves as an industrial and trading hub of  the Black & Caspian Sea region.

There are number of cost-effective and operational benefits available for Kutaisi FIZ registered companies,  like time-efficiency, simplicity of operating, storage, import/export, etc. but the most important thing is that the registered companies/ warehouses, enjoy the tax-free  benefits – there is full exemption from taxes, like VAT,  corporate Tax, property Tax,  import, export tax, etc.

There is only 4%  fee that is paid after the sales of the products in or from Georgia. FIZ is real tax heaven for the companies, who trade in Europe from China, Turkey or other countries.

Currently, Kutaisi FIZ is owned by “GIH LTD“.


  • 27 hectares of land
  • 128 000 m2 of industrial, administrative and storage facilities


  • 10 km from Kutaisi International Airport
  • 95 km from the Poti seaport
  • 210 km from Tbilisi
  • 285 km from Erevan
  • 650 km from Baku