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Accounting Services Outsource

Accounting and bookkeeping services starting from GEL 500. We offer you the outsourcing services of bookkeeping. Our experienced team will make sure, the accounting policy is in accordance to IFRS as well as Georgian tax code and legislation . Outsourcing of bookkeeping services is very efficient for the companies mostly for start ups and SMEs. There are several advantages of outsourcing bookkeeping […]

Invest In Georgia

Georgia’s economic freedom score is 75.9, making its economy the 16th freest in the 2019 Index. Its overall score has decreased by 0.3 point, with a sharp drop in judicial effectiveness and lower scores on government integrity and monetary freedom exceeding a big gain in financial freedom. Georgia is ranked 8th among 44 countries in the Europe region, and its […]

Sharing Economy

“What’s mine is yours, for a fee” (Economist,2013) Economists worldwide see the importance of the sharing economy and its impact on the future development. According to the Financial Times (2016) , China is even trying to include the sharing economy’s results in calculating the growth rate, quoting – “to more accurately reflect the new economy”. […]

How to Prepare Successful Research Project

A research philosophy could be explained as a way that the data about the research question or topic could be gathered and used. The purpose of the research is usually to transform the beliefs into facts. There are two major philosophies – positivist and interpretivist (Galliers, 1991). Positivist philosophy is based on the belief, that […]

Business and Ethics

“The trend of flat and falling real incomes merits bold measures on the part of government and business alike” Richard Dobbs et al, McKinsey Global Institute McKinsey Global Institute article “Poorer than their parents? A new perspective on income inequality” analyses the problem of income inequality in the world market. As the economy constantly develops […]

Critical Drivers of the Modern Business Environment

The world is more connected than ever, but the nature of its connections has changed in a fundamental way.” Manyika, et al, McKinsey Global Institute Globalization has made it easier for companies to operate. It has helped small start-ups to operate worldwide, a farmer from Georgia to sell the herbs in the United Kingdom, a […]

Global Macro-economic Environment and the New Normal of Central Bank Policies

“No matter what the policy goal of negative rates may be across countries, the impact and implications of negative policy rates remain uncertain.” Charles Mounts, John Kingston et al In the period of financial crisis, national banks could use very unusual methods. One of the recent and unusual decisions was to lower interest rates below […]

Financial Crisis, Financial Cycles and Managing Under Uncertainty

“Understandably the balance of mainstream opinion then shifted, became much more hostile to financial innovation and more personalized with populist attacks on greedy bankers.” Engelen et al, Economy and Society Financial innovation has been questioned by the economists and analysts. Even those, who first were advocating it, have later decided, that it was not a […]