Accounting Services Outsource

Accounting and bookkeeping services starting from GEL 500.

We offer you the outsourcing services of bookkeeping. Our experienced team will make sure, the accounting policy is in
accordance to IFRS as well as Georgian tax code and legislation . Outsourcing of bookkeeping services is very efficient for the
companies mostly for start ups and SMEs. There are several advantages of outsourcing bookkeeping services, like saving costs, minimizing risks, saving time of the management team, having access to the expertise of our experienced partners
and staff, flexible employment benefits and having access to 24 / 7 consulting, etc.


More about our services you can find in our presentation.

Bookkeeping Outsource MBS


Address: #8 Gorgasali Str.

Tel: 2 492 493

Mob: 595 62 33 22