What We Do


“Modern Business Solutions” offers the access to the main management expertise and experience of our partners and team members.
The skills and knowledge of the partners in banking, investment, management, finance, tax, audit and consulting combined created the core of expertise of MBS
The core value of the company is the smart, experienced team of young professionals from accounting, finance and law background.
We split our services into three main categories: Business consulting, legal and financial consulting, investment management. Each contract with our client is a unique set of services. It depends on the needs the company has. We represent our clients from different industries and business sectors.
Business Consulting includes managing the company under contract, preparing business plan, feasibility study report and conduct due diligence. Our team will give you business advice based on our own experience as well as international and local practices.
Our clients have access to the expertise of the team with experience in different fields, who will take care of your financial management process, contracts, will prepare monthly financial reports, give legal and financial advice.
Our experienced team will help you negotiate with banks, financial institutions, with investors. We will help you find the proper business / company to invest in. We will prepare investment opportunity reports and give our recommendations
Our Partners




David Kakabadze

David currently holds the position of Vice President in VTB Bank Georgia as well as the partner of MBS.Before founding MBS, he was the CEO of SAGA Impex – a market leader HVAC retailer company in Georgia.David has a managing experience in different fields, like insurance, logistics, production, IT and service. David studied BBA in Saint Petersburg University of Finance and Economics and MBA at the University of Manchester.

Tamar Lekveishvili

Tamar is the co-founder and director of MBS. Before that, she was a CFO of SAGA Impex. Tamar has a 6-years of experience in working in the consulting Business. She used to be a project manager in Global Consulting, LTD.  Tamar studied BBA in ESM Business School. She holds MBA diploma from the University of Manchester in management and MBS in Operations from Free University of Tbilisi.